Buttonwillow - June 19th, 2020 - Track Day

Buttonwillow - June 19th, 2020 - Track Day

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Turn8 Trackdays aims to create a fun, safe, atmosphere to experience what your car can do at the limit. Our professionally run events include seasoned track workers and experienced coordinators to make sure you have a day to remember. Our run groups are small with minimal traffic, and we often run separate specialty run groups (such as drift, rally, time attack, EV, and super/hypercar) so our guests can choose a group to suit their class.

This event will feature an open-pit session from 12:30-5PM, meaning you can get over SIX HOURS of track time!

NOTE: Beginners will not be eligible for the open-pit session, but will have 6 regular sessions to ensure a normal days worth of track time.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at events@turn8trackdays.com. See you at the finish line!

Event Details

Class: Open
Groups: Beginner+Low Intermediate, High Intermediate+Advanced
Number of Sessions per Run Group: 6 group sessions (morning) + 4.5-HOUR OPEN PIT SESSION (afternoon)! 
Length of Sessions: 20 minutes
Total Track Time: Up to 6hrs30mins (except beginners who will have 2 hours - 6 x 20min sessions)
Price: $265.00
Total Attendees: 50 cars MAX (strict limit due to current pandemic orders)
Track Configuration: 13CW - East + West